June 26 – 27, 2017 – Colloquium Care of the Self in Global Era –  Institute of Philosophy & Institute of Political Science, University of Prešov 

In modern thought, the rediscovered topic of the care of the self embraces a wide range of phenomena like identity formation, disciplinary techniques vs. practices of the self, question of individual life style, etc. An inquiry into the questions of care of the self from a perspective of philosophical anthropology and ethics proceeds from a general diagnosis of a state of crisis in contemporary culture (e.g. crisis of the individual concern for himself in contradiction with society’s demands).

The aim of the workshop is to draw connections between the issues thematised by the participants of the project and to expose philosophical problems to present global challenges. The workshop will address the following themes:

  • The social preconditions of the care of the self under contemporary conditions of globalization
  • Individual preconditions of the care of the self in a Global/Modern Era
  • Philosophical-therapeutical diagnoses and prescriptions.
  • Care of the self in the history of philosophy and its concrete practices in various epochs and cultures
  • Care of the self as a model of new ethics

Key-note speakers: 
Hans-Herbert Kögler (Jacksonville/Klagenfurt)
Fabian Heubel (Taipei/Frankfurt am Main)
Gordon C.F. Bearn (Bethlehem – Pennsylvania)
Vasil Gluchman (Prešov)

POSTER care of the self

…and public discussion in café Čukoláda (June 26, 18:00)


June 2017

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Lívía Flachbartová is introducing Slovak Socratic Projects (2006-2014) More informations …



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30. 5. 2014

Vojtěch Hladký introduces his book Změnit sám sebe. Duchovní cvičení P. Hadota, péče o sebe M. Foucaulta a péče o duši J. Patočky (Change Yourself: Spiritual Exercises of P. Hadot, Care of the Self of M. Foucault, and Care of the Soul of J. Patočka). More information



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Academia Verlag has publihed Socratica III. More information about the title “here“.



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Comenius University Press has published Antisthenis Fragmenta. The book contains surviving fragments of Antisthenes – one of the closest followers of Socrates. Andrej Kalaš has translated the complete edition of Antisthenes’ fragments by Giannantoni from Greek and Latin into Slovak. Vladislav Suvák has edited Greek and Latin fragments and elaborated extensive commentaries (in Slovak). More information about the title “here“.

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